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Save well and constantly so that nothing is missing

  The author Hannah Keeley says in her book Total Mom Makeover, that if you invested $5 dollars a day calculating a 10% annual rate, you could have almost A MILLION DOLLARS in just forty years. It is true that right now nobody pays 10% in the stock market, but we get the idea. It seems it is not so, but money disappears more in little drops than in streams, so let’s watch those drops!

Goal of the Day: Which daily expense can you eliminate and turn into a daily saving?

Goal of the Month: Have you gone into your mobile phone expenses, your Internet and home phone bills? Sometimes we let time go by and we do not seize the offers that the companies have for new clients. I combined the home line with our mobile company and the expense went from $79 down to $15.99!

Goal of the Year: In order to have money, the perfect formula I know is to donate 10% of your money to God. It’s your choice whether to give it to your church, to organizations such as the ones in our Mujersisimas site or to somebody in the community who needs it. Why don’t you check your insurance bills or other annual expenses you have? You may find there that 10% that will “help you helping”.