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Overcoming fear and "the economic crisis"

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I have recently noticed that a number of my clients, here in Spain, have been coming to me to talk about fear and anxiety that they’ve experienced, as a result of the economic problems that have been affecting the world around them. In Spain, the economic crisis “La Crisis” is something that still looms large here. People still talk about the subject regularly with great anxiety and gravity, nearly two years after the word in capital letters quietly faded from headlines in the US. But now in the US they are onto better things like raising consciousness and demonstrating with occupy wall street. I often tell people that fear is an illusion fabricated by our own egos. We can rid ourselves of this fear, simply by acknowledging this truth and moving forward as we focus our energies on more productive activities that will bring us what we truly desire. However, this time I decided that maybe I should explore this economics question a little more in detail, as I am by no means an expert in the field, nor do I have any interest in being so.

So, I began my research by striking up a chat with the foremost international economics expert I know: my husband, Jay. He reads a weekly magazine that is actually entitled, “The Economist” that has so many cartoons and photos that you could mistake it for an entertainment magazine from far away. But a closer look reveals glossy photos of people that I don’t recognize except for the occasional appearance of Barack Obama or Donald Trump and LOTS of menacing charts and graphs.

The first question I asked my husband is, “What causes these sudden economic crises that seem to be driven by fear?” To my surprise, he answered: “You are exactly right. It is completely caused by fear.” So I probe him more, “What do you mean?” He answers: “I mean that the Market functions on confidence. Investors continue to invest money so that people can produce and sell products until the Market essentially gets ”spooked” and it all slows down.” “Seriously? Spooked?” I asked. “You know Jay, I think it’s ok to use grown up words now (wink, wink).” He laughed, and said, “I am serious. That’s what they call it, and investor’s stop investing, businesses produce less product which means they need fewer workers. So people lose their jobs which means fewer people have money to spend.” “Because they literally got spooked?” I asked. “Yes,” he said, “And the people that have jobs get frightened and spend less because they are afraid they may lose their jobs, etc…

The cycle goes on like that until it turns around when people regain confidence.” In fact, he said, “Economists talk about consumer confidence all the time.” “So,” I asked, “How ordinary people feel about the economy has a large effect on the economy?” He answered, “Yes, they actually track a statistic called the “Consumer Confidence Index.” Hmmm Intriguing!

At this point, I am thinking to myself, “Are we on candid camera?” But he goes on to say that while economists know a lot about market behavior, mathematics and the history of recessions, they don’t know how to predict these events very well. And it is true, some of the greatest economists, psychologists and mathematicians of our time and in history have studied and tried to understand what it is that causes these flash points that cause investors to “stampede” and suddenly sell off their stocks in masses. These studies all had the goal of coming up with a formula in order to be able to predict the next Market “crash.”

Unfortunately, they haven’t been able to do so. It’s a Nobel Prize waiting to be won. My husband seems to think that. While areas of economics are very complicated, economists and politicians tend to over-complicate simple matters to mask how little control they actually have over the economy. And this is exactly what we have seen in the current crisis.

In the end, however, it all comes down to fear. For a while, people don’t have any fear, they even have confidence and everything seems fine. Sometimes it gets so good, that people begin to do irresponsible or irrational things. Then, suddenly fear takes over, and everything grinds to a halt. This is a lot like our own personal behavior, isn’t it?

A course in miracles reminds us that we are always teaching what we believe. Either we like it or not. So it might be easy to blame Investors, the Government, and others for this crisis. However, we must take responsibility and accept that we have been listening to the voice of fear, as opposed to the voice of God (however you may know him/her ). You will see that when fear is present, you start making decisions out of fear, based on the off chance that you may not have money in the future. You may also keep talking about how bad and scary the economy is, and by doing so; you pass this information (fear) to others. As a result those “others” will continue to do the same and pass this on to the Investors (the universe), who will see the fear in “others” actually, in YOU (it’s very contagious). The reality is, we are the ones that make decisions on what to believe. Remember, where we focus it expands. So really, we (you and me) are responsible for what we believe, and how it truly affects the world we live in. It’s so easy to blame Government, the Economy, Terrorists etc...for what is happening, but lets take responsibility, (not blame) but responsibility and start building up our immune system physically, mentally and collectively. So that we can turn it around! Let’s recover our Faith, our Joy, Ourselves and our Economy!!

Let’s remember that there is a stronger and bigger power than what we see or hear on TV, or what the world tells us... God (however you know Him), the Universe, or whatever name you have for this power, which has given us Love, Peace and Joy!!

Instead of joining in with the economist, let’s join in Faith, in Joy with full on responsibility to end the Crisis, or the lack of money or whatever we think is going wrong!! Stand up for what is real. Do a bit of research on whatever you are questioning. We might be surprised to find out that what once seemed so complicated, has a very simple answer. We just make it complicated.

Because if you are truly honest, sometimes we don’t get to see the money because we pay our bills the very same day we get paid. So it feels like we don’t have money, but we actually do have money. So try this: Instead of looking at our bills with stress, and thinking “Here it comes! I hate it try receiving it”, say THANK YOU so much for the water, electricity, gas, or whatever and let it know how grateful you are for keeping you warm, or clean, or cooking your food etc.. and be happy to send them the money. Look at it as if it’s a beautiful exchange (which it is). When you are paying at lunch or at the grocery store make sure you thank your money for being with you and for giving you the yummy food. Imagine that money is going to the hands of amazing people in the form of miracles. Be a miracle giver through this exchange of money. Wouldn’t that be cool? Not only will you end the “Crisis”, but also you will spread the miracles!! YAY!

I just gave a lecture on this topic in Spain, where I encouraged everyone to spread the positive message of, “I heard the crisis is getting better, things are looking up!”, instead of the typical conversations on how bad things are, due to the Economic Crisis. The following week on (Oct 18th, to be exact) I read an article that of all European countries, Spain was the most optimistic about the economic crisis. YAY! The next step, I thought, how do I convince people to believe that we created this result and that it is no coincidence that I found that article right after we spread the positivity.

I encourage you to spread the word in your community that the economy IS getting better (because you have more confidence!). Then see for yourself what results we can create together! Like I always say, Don’t believe anything I say, try it!

Remember, where you focus, it expands. So, whatever you are going through at this moment, whether it is financially, physically, or emotionally, explore the other side and focus on the truth about life. Behind everything that seems to be fearful, there is a light and a simple answer. So, if you don’t know what to do, start by finding ways that makes you feel peaceful. Learn how to love yourself, so that you can use your real power in the world and save us all from this “Financial Crisis.”

May God bless you, so You can bless us, all. Because your happiness is a gift to us all.