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Make the most of your brunette hue


The Gift of Sensuality


Thanks to high-profile celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria and Sofia Vergara, brunette haircolor is hot news. These stars provide proof of how sexy and sophisticated the deep, lush hues of coffee, chestnut and russet can be!

Full Bodied Color

The best browns today are rich, healthy and multi-tonal. They can be paired with ruby, azure, cream, copper or gold highlights, each of which brings out the best of a brunette shade, subtly and with elegance. Your hairstylist may also choose to combine two or three different shades of brown--such as chocolate, cinnamon and caramel—which is a great way to prevent brown color from appearing flat and lackluster.

The Best Color Choice

How do you choose the best brunette shade? It’s all about tonal compatibility. For example, people with olive skin should avoid red-toned browns because the combination clashes. Neutral, mocha shades are much more flattering for this skin tone. On the other hand, a warm or neutral complexion comes alive when brown hair is toasty and golden.

The Modern Way to Highlight

One great way to create a glowing, sun kissed effect is to ask your hairstylist to brush golden brown highlights directly onto the surface of the strands—a technique called balayage. It’s quick and looks more natural than a full head of fine highlights. Balayage highlights can be placed randomly around the head so it will appear as if the sun lightened your hair while you were on the beach!

Brunette Color Care

Regardless of whether you look best in espresso shot through with icy streaks of ecru or tones of sizzling copper and chocolate cherry, the best brunettes are all about healthy shine. Opt for rich, moisturizing shampoos and conditioners that are specially formulated for color-treated hair. They will keep your hair healthier and prevent your color from fading. If you like to style your hair with thermal tools, like blow dryers or irons, be sure to mist it with a thermal protective formula that will reduce dryness and damage. Finally, styling oils infused with natural ingredients perform double duty as treatments, leaving hair soft and nourished and helping your color to look shiny and vibrant!