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How to take control of your emotions and be happy


As human beings, all of us identify with what we feel and think. Our mind and emotions are some how connected. First let me share the list of what are the positive emotions, there are eleven: Courage, empathy, faith, freedom, gratitude, hope, joy, love, pity, respect and dignity. The negative emotions are equally eleven and they are: Anger, apathy, vanity, despair, doubt, envy, fear, greed, guilt, hate, and pride, is interesting to know that we were created with positive and negative emotions.

Remember that what we think we feel and what we feel we think. There is a saying that “you become what you think” these thoughts can be negative or positive depending on our circumstances being that emotions generate action.

Our decisions or reactions come from within to bring out the best or the worse in us. So if you allow your negative emotions to take control over your being, more than likely it will bring you negative consequences not only in you but also those around you.

Our negative thoughts (if we don’t control them) contribute to how our emotions react. For example, during this time of crisis when the unemployment rate is causing economic problems, your mind starts to think, my savings are going to run out, I don’t have a job, no one wants to hire me, this thoughts bring out your negative emotions like fear, depression and doubt.

This feelings, now being conscience of what is happening inside of you, is when you have to stop and take control and disconnect from those negative emotions by replacing fear with courage, depression with gratitude and joy, and doubt with faith and hope.

I know is easier said than done, but at the moment you become aware of this harmful feelings find a way to disconnect from this mental and emotional attitude. Let me give you some solutions; start by listening to music that elevates your level of joy, add to your diet foods that improve your serotonin level and give you vitality like asparagus, carrots, dark chocolate or take a walk where you can enjoy nature. Is up to you to find ways to disconnect from the negative thoughts and emotions by taking time to meditate and ask the creator for help. Many times doing something for someone else helps with the good feelings.

Emotions can control your life either to feel good or feel bad. Now you know what to do and remember that knowledge gives you power, so remember to put more into practice your positive emotions they will bring you happiness and success.