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How to forget the past and live in the present


To live in the past, always thinking about what you could have said and didn’t say or what you could have done and didn’t do and remembering circumstances and decision that caused you to fail or succeed is an attitude that can only cause you set backs in your personal growth.

Why does the past always become present in our lives? One reason could be that you can’t accept your life as it is and the way you feel about it. A lot of times we live in an illusion of a perfect world and we consider that what we did in the past or didn’t do is the cause of our misfortune. This is false!

The purpose is not to forget the past because there were happy and sad memories that were part of your life, but to let them go. The past helped to teach you what to do and not to do in the present, and how not to make the same mistakes.

Learn to live the present with all your potential and enthusiasm. If you stop talking and thinking about the past, you can experience living your life without baggage and guilt, you have one life to live, don’t waste it in living in the past that will never come back.

Your present can be wonderful and you’re future even better. The solution is to stop your self when you start to talk or think about the past. Just think about living in the now working towards the future.

One of the ways that can transform this attitude is finding sincerity and serenity within one self, be conscience of living today and practice letting go of the past each day so that your tomorrow can only bring happy memories.