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God and your career


God and your career


In the first place, I want to make clear that when I speak of God, I mean your “superior being”, so each of you can give his or her own interpretation. However understand it (superior being, Divinity, Spirit, Creator, etc.).

Our profession and our job are merely a façade. In fact, we are a temple in which we grow through our service, love and signs of compassion towards the others. We are ministers of this temple, wherever it may be. God is our boss. A wonderful boss. And as such, he offers us positions in which we are allowed to use our creativity, love and wisdom. We know we have the ability of facing any challenge, since God is always watching our backs. As the saying goes, God will never give you more than you can handle.
Whenever a hard situation comes up, we have to remember that it is a new opportunity to grow. Once we have accepted it, we have to set out with greater strength and power and be able to welcome any job promotion, new position, salary increase or change of profession……. YUPI!!!!!
If we forget who we are working for, we will get stuck and fear will dominate us. If we remember we are working for God, He will take control of our objective. And in that way we will open up to receive peace and the knowledge that everything is perfect and that we are safe.
The most important bit is not how to handle difficult situations, but who you really are at those times. Remember there is a huge difference between BEING and THINKING (but that’s another problem). Your full awareness of the situation will lead you along the best path. Realize it is better to contribute than to compete, since the main job (career) God has given you, is being who you are and your main task is to share your gifts with everyone around you, in peace and love.
No job is too small or too big, if you are aware while doing it that it is the right job for you now. You will transmit that powerful energy to everyone around you. Before you know it, new doors will open up for something better, because your light will attract a bigger light! For example, if you have a job you don’t like, such as receptionist, do not forget who you work for, and do it the best you can anyway. In doing so, you allow for the others to take you into account, and that will attract new possibilities. So, even though you hate being a receptionist, you must try to be the best receptionist in the world, so that the others can see the possibilities in you. That may bring a new position in some other company where you WILL be happy.
Let´s say you have been working in a big company for many years, for example in a hotel. Although you know you could be a whole lot happier, you do not quit your job out of fear of not finding the job of your dreams. The benefits are good, you have a pension fund and you do not hate your colleagues. The truth is you don’t feel so unhappy and you think you can put up with it. Well, as soon as you are ready, the universe will see to it that you leave that situation behind, so that once and for all you can do what you really love, such as being an actress, a teacher, a florist, a singer, a businesswoman or a housewife. At long last, you will find and do what God sent you to do in this world.
Remember, only once you have done your present job well, will God (the Universe) offer you a promotion. So be careful about not showing enthusiasm in your job.
Remember, it is only a façade for the temple you have created.

You are working for God, so cheer up during chaos! Remember Mujersisimas, God is watching your backs!!!!