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Is your child traveling safely?

Is your child traveling safely?


Por Adriana Mamola

It doesn’t matter what state or country you live in, or if there is a law in place or not. It is very important to have the correct type of car seats for your child until they reach the age of 8.

If you are having trouble securing your child’s car or booster seat in your vehicle properly, ask for help. Many police and fire Department officials are happy to help. The important thing is that you install the seat correctly.

Here is a checklist that I use to make sure the kids are safe in the car:

  1. Buckle the child into the car or booster seat in the BACK SEAT of the automobile only.
  2. For Children older than 8, make sure the seat belt fits properly. I make sure the lap belt rides low on the child’s hips, is touching the upper thighs, and the shoulder belt is crossing the center of the chest. Many children sit in booster seats until age 10 or 12 is the car’s standard seat belt does not fit them correctly.
  3. For infant safety, install the infant car seat REAR FACING only.

Don’t rush to have your little passenger ride in the front seat or without a booster seat. Ask yourself these questions first.

  • Is the child’s back against the automobile’s seat?
  • Is the shoulder belt crossing properly across the child’s chest, or across the neck?
  • Is the lap belt riding low across the hips and at the thighs?
  • Are the child’s knees comfortably bent at the edge of the automobiles seat?
  • Does the child stay in the correct position in the car during a trip?

If you responded no to any of these questions, you should keep your child in a booster seat, located in the back seat only. It is much safer that way. Happy Traveling!

If you have any questions, simply click here, send your message and our expert will answer.