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"What is ridiculous for me is important for you"


León insists that his wife Mariela is ridiculous. He does not understand why she gets mad about so many silly things, and he also does not understand her demands.

It makes Mariela sick that her husband sits watching television on Sundays instead of helping and hurrying the children to be able to leave the house. If Mariela does not feel well physically, she likes her husband to spoil her by bringing her something to eat. Leon does not understand why he has to bring her food from a restaurante when the house is full of already cooked food. He also does not think it is right for Mariela to insist on receiving flowers for her birthday in the morning. For him, it is easier to bring the flowers when leaving work and give them to her in the evening, so his wife's insistence seems ridiculous to him.

Although in León's eyes Mariela would appear to be prone to whims and insensitive, in reality she is a perceptive, detail-oriented, generous woman, who is always in tune with the needs of others.

We are not all the same, nor do we always have the ability to understand and accommodate other's needs. However, we need to understand that everyone has that special something that could be insignificant for us but is important for another. And so, if you love your partner and want to improve the relationship, why not give them what they ask for even though it makes no sense in your eyes? In the effort of always wanting to impose your point of view, you run the risk of ruining the relationship. Especially in a couple's relationship, it is necessary to give importance to the things you're your partner considers important to be able to be happy. After all, if your spouse is happy, it is more likely that he/she will recognize your good qualities, becoming more giving and less demanding. This helps to create a more harmonious home.

Recetas Para la vida™

Long live the difference!


  • 1 pound of Respect
  • 2 sprigs of Details
  • 1 teaspoon of Comprehension
  • 1 bunch of Affection
  • 3 drops of Essence of Difference
  • Sprinkle with Recognition and Consent


Caring, Sensitivity, Sincerity, Spontaneity

Method of Preparation:

  1. No two cooks have the same taste; everyone is unique and incomparable. When disparities are appreciated, you can fully enjoy and find the unique and special touch that each one offers.
  2. Differences make the cuisine richer and more abundant, full of different flavors that complement and balance each other.
  3. When someone is valued, the person is accepted for who he or she is, with his or her flaws and good qualities. You have to respect his/ her tastes, value the differences and enjoy them. Diversity adds spice to the daily cuisine.
  4. It is important to please your partner. This does not mean to abandon your own taste or imposing yourself on one another, but agreeing to complement each other and having a better quality of life.

"There are all kinds of tastes. Just because you do not like a flavor it does not mean that it is bad or ridiculous, just different."