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The Gift of Sensuality


The Gift of Sensuality


One of the best benefits of salsa dancing is learning to be comfortable in our own skin.
Salsa offers many rewards, one being an acceptance and increase in comfort with your sensuality, something I feel American culture tends to deny us and that I have had personal struggles with. Before salsa became a part of my life I battled with some unsettling body image issues. I dreaded wearing form fitting clothing and considered myself unattractive. I will be forever grateful that this healthy practice has helped relieve me from that unhappy place. Salsa can make you feel sexy and appreciate the way your body interprets the music.

The basic dancing position engages a couple by having them use both hands and face each other. Even this starting position, for most people, is out of their comfort zone when with a stranger. In order to lead and follow effectively, many moves require the lead to guide you by your hips or pull your body close to dip you, all while listening to romantic lyrics. Getting beyond what seemed taboo or inappropriate was empowering in that it has helped make me more comfortable in my own body. It allowed me to let my guard down and feel more inclined to freely touch someone else.

What we learn to do on the dance floor translates well into everyday life. Being at ease with our sensuality opens doors to having healthy romantic relationships. It enables us to engage in physical expression and puts us in touch with the way our bodies are shaped, move, and feel. I’m grateful that salsa has better connected me to my senses and an enhanced way of experiencing life and hope that you too welcome it to do the same.