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"Overcoming old fears that prevent us from growing"


Nobody is perfect. To accept ourselves, to struggle and to win is a delicate enterprise.

Interesting enough, it is more common for people to fear success than it is for people to prefer to live in failure. This is due to the fact that, in some ways, failure is easier and requires less effort. Even though the desire to stand out and have a rich life full of great successes sounds great, many times you are the primary saboteur of that much-desired goal. How ironic to accept a life full of fears, worries, problems and even suffering as long as you do not have to overcome the fears or complexes that label, limit and prevent you from having the life desired!

Manuel, an extraordinary doctor and pleasant person, always lived with great economic difficulties, which lead him to feel inferior. For this reason, for a long time, he himself limited his professional and personal development. His gaze grew sad, and he became quieter. He had a reserved and very passive attitude, which made people withdraw from him and consequently have little interest in going to him for professional assistance.

The sad thing is that Manuel always was an exemplary doctor, and yet, his 'office never had enough patients to be able to support his family. His professional skill and ability were not reflected in the results achieved.

Manuel became used to living a mediocre life, full of doubt and unfulfilled dreams. He felt desperate and, at the same time, sorry for himself. He bought into the justifications that he himself invented, saying that the patients were very difficult, the insurance companies did not pay well, there were many doctors with the same specialty, the nurses did not come to work on time, etc. All were legitimate excuses, and each of them gave him enough reason to feel sorry for himself.

Time passed, his children went on growing and the expenses went on increasing. His wife got sick and had to be hospitalized; she had a long stay in an institution, since her disease required it.

Manuel suddenly realized that he had no other choice but to do all that was necessary to come out ahead; his family needed it. He began to believe in himself, in his ability, in his tenacity and in his ability to adapt and do what was necessary. After all, he was a good doctor, honest and with a large heart.

His attitude began to change, and this was reflected in all areas. In a few months, he was offered work at a very large practice, full of patients, where they needed a doctor like Manuel.

His life began to change. His face was much more relaxed, and he smiled and chatted more; his dedication made patients want to be seen by him.

Manuel managed to overcome his fears by beginning to believe in himself, something that nobody could do for him. His life changed drastically. He feels happier and more connected to his work and his family. Why did he have to suffer in the past and wait so long to begin to have self-confidence?


Believing in myself


  • 3 teaspoons of acceptance
  • 1 envelope of courage
  • 1 bunch of learning experiences
  • 1 cup of clarity
  • 2 tablespoons of right decisions
  • 1 pinch of responsibility
  • 1 drizzle of reality


Good disposition, humility, unconditional love
Recommendation: self-esteem grows when a person accepts his/her imperfections.

Method of preparation:

  1. Self-esteem is a pulsating and vital energy that guides daily actions. When you discover your own potential and stop making vain excuses, you achieve a clear vision of real limitations and possible aspirations. There is no force or obstacle that can prevent success.
  2. Acceptance of errors and weaknesses frees up the fears that paralyze personal development. To dispel feelings of insecurity and fears, it is necessary to accept that nobody is perfect. Honesty and the right attitude give us peace of mind and strength to work on our own weaknesses.
  3. Recognizing our responsibility in the choices that we make increases well-being and individual satisfaction. Everyone is the master of his destiny. Appropriate actions lead to freedom and nourish the cook's courage, making his recipes unsurpassable.
  4. You have to grow and always try to improve. Looking for a way to be better and stand out provides us with a feeling of security. It strengthens us, motivates us to fight and reminds us of the abundant resources that we have.

"Courage is unlimited. It helps to overcome challenges and continual temptations, reaffirming values and giving us the freedom to live fully."