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Dance Your Way to Better Health




Mujersisimas  has enabled us to share what helpful tools we’ve individually found in our lives with an entire network of women. I’m excited to share one way in which I have found tremendous health benefits while enjoying rather than suffering to reach fitness goals. Salsa dancing has been a great gift in equipping me with what I need to become who I want to be, a healthy and happy woman.

The moment you walk into a salsa club you realize what a workout it can be! People are often quite comfortable in their sweat as they conjure up creative dance moves to their favorite tunes. While I recognize the benefits activities like running or jumping rope have on the body, dancing is a way to be active for hours at a time without the willpower the others require. I find myself having to will myself away from the dance floor rather than convince myself to do it! Physical activity is one component of achieving a healthier lifestyle. Watching what we eat and drink is also essential to our well being. Luckily, salsa dancers are too focused on dancing the night away that very few drink much at all! The lack of alcohol sales is why we often find ourselves in search of new venues, but what is bad for business is outweighed by what is good for our health.

Once you have mastered the salsa basics it is easy to get a full body workout and burn mountains of calories, if that is what you are seeking. Women are fortunate at the start of the learning process in that we have a leader to guide us through all these new steps, but are later presented with the greater challenge of finding her own flavor in response to her partner’s lead. Although salsa does have some rules to dance by, the best, most respected rule is that you feel the music. Allowing yourself to stop counting in your head and move to the sounds and rhythm makes for a great salsa dancer. When you have gone past the beginner level you will be engaging your shoulders, chest, abdomen, hips, thighs, and calves with every move you make. A couple of things to keep in mind include keeping your core tight when spinning, forming a firm 90 degree angle with your turning arm while spinning, and staying on the balls of your feet during the entire song. I guarantee that you will feel as if you spent time with a brutal trainer the night before if you do this correctly.

Go on and enjoy your journey toward better health!