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Building Community


Building Community


Having an active social life is an essential part of achieving lifelong health.
A sense of community is vital to achieving good health. Studies have showed us that those who belong to a group of friends that regularly interact tend to be both more physically and emotionally sound. If you are fortunate enough to fall in love with salsa, part of the allure and benefits come from the dance community that accompany it.

The salsa community is incredibly warm and welcoming. It is composed of a diverse group of people that you will repeatedly see. Whenever you go to a salsa club, you will not be alone! People are looking to acquire new friends everywhere you go. We are especially inclined to welcome new people because we are a small dance community. It is essential to welcome new faces to the salsa scene to keep our hobby alive. Birthdays are always commemorated with a salsa version of “Happy Birthday” and a dance circle around the special person.
People take turns sharing that song with you, guaranteeing you’ll feel appreciated and acknowledged.

Additionally, we don’t only get to see one another regularly, but we are able to connect through sharing our common interest. There is news that is salsa specific, performance groups, events, and traveling that you can take part in if you wish. So go dance! Work up a sweat, get in touch with yourself, and make many new friends!